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I thought i’d make my first blog post something interesting and provide you with a little bit of information about my at the same time. I saw a challenge online to list one fact about yourself for each letter of the alphabet so here you go:

  • Animals – I currently have two rescue cats but always had horses when I was younger
  • Bananas – I’m very particular about the colour of my bananas. I don’t like them too green but the moment they start to get brown spots they are too far gone for me – the goldilocks of bananas
  • Children – we do not have any children and at almost 36 I suspect that we may not have any. I think we are both a little too selfish to have children
  • Diamonds – Love them. Simple. And I’ve got a few of them
  • Elizabeth – if I were to have children and had a little girl this would be my favourite girl’s name. It was my grandmother’s name and also that of the Queen
  • Food – I love food (hence why I’m overweight!) but I think it is more the process and ritual of actually eating as opposed to the feeling afterwards
  • Golf – surprisingly I really enjoy watching golf on the TV. I’d never seen it before I met my husband but love it now. Plus he plays golf so it helps me understand what he’s talking about
  • Hair – I’ve been growing my hair for about the last three years and it is now getting very long. Now the weather is getting a little warmer I do think about cutting it shorter as long hair makes me hotter but this happens each year and I don’t cut it off.
  • iPhone – I love my phone and would never consider moving away from Apple for a mobile phone
  • Jewish – I am a non-practising Jew. My husband isn’t and my family don’t live local to me hence the non-practising bit
  • Kindle – I think the invention of the kindle was a genius idea. It somehow feels reassuring to know I have 500 books in my bag with me all the time
  • Language – I currently only speak my mother tongue (English) but I am attempting to learn Spanish
  • Married – I have been married for 12 years and was 23 when I got married
  • New York – somewhere I’ve been twice with my husband. The first time was September 2000 and then we were there to see if 2015
  • Opera – I enjoy listening to all sorts of music but I do like to listen to opera when I’m studying or trying to concentrate at work
  • Parents – my parents are still very happily married. I don’t see enough of them as they live 200 miles away
  • Queen – I’m a big fan of the Queen and am fascinated by her life. I love watching TV programmes and reading books about her and her life
  • Roulette – I love to gamble and this is definitely my favourite game to play in the casino
  • Siblings – I have just one sister who is three years younger than me
  • Tardiness – I hate people who are late. I would rather be an hour early than one minute late
  • Unpacking – I have no problem with packing because I’m making everything neat and I’m getting ready for going away however I have been known to take a week to unpack. Obviously dirty clothes go in the wash but I just end up leaving the clean stuff in the bag or case!
  • Vegas – I’ve been twice and hubby has been three times and we love it. We love to gamble and just love the 24 hour lifestyle
  • Weight – I am overweight but am trying hard to remedy that
  • X-ray – I once had half my body x-rayed after having an accident as a child where I swallowed a tooth – they wanted to check where it was. Turned out I’d not actually swallowed it!
  • Yoga – I’ve always wanted to try this but am too embarrassed to go to a class and plus I’m not very bendy at all
  • Zombie – whilst I wouldn’t say I’m normally a fan of zombie films/TV, I absolutely love The Walking Dead – best cliff-hanger I’ve seen in a very long time and I cannot wait for the next season

2 Comments Add yours

  1. manderson215 says:

    What a creative way to introduce yourself! I am also a horrible unpacker. I never want the vacation to end 🙂

    I’d love to get your thoughts on my blog (https://smm2016blog.wordpress.com). I’m always looking for feedback on how to improve viewership, so if you have advise, please let me know!


  2. This post was really fun to read, congrats on your first post! 😃


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